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Love is War by sakana
Love is War
Sorry that I have abandon DA for so long. For future cosplay update please visit my FB page at:

Series: Vocaloid Love is War ~ Shirow Miwa Eager Love Revenge Version
:iconsakana: as Hatsune Miku

Photography by :iconvaxzone:
Photo Editing by:iconsakana:



sakana's Profile Picture

After Event Reports

Fri Dec 24, 2010, 12:27 AM

I think I really should write something here for record purpose else the journal here is going to grow mushrooms!

3-4 event happened in a month and 6 costumes in total for the past 1.5 month!

AFA Day 1: Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Pair up with xrysx as Stocking, thank you so much to valefor making such heavenly weapons! The costume 'paper' material really get both of us killed,  but the effect turn out is reallly amazing. <3
Panty and Stocking - AFA D1:01 by xrysx PASWG: Fly Away Angels by sakana Panty and Stocking by ValeforHo

AFA Day 2: SailorVenus from Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Team lead by yuanie, a big colorful taem~ will be looking forward group photoshoot next year! I really have no idea why my choker keep moving side ways all the time... T.T
Sailor Moon - Pretty Guardians by ValeforHo Bishojo Senshi The Original-5 by ValeforHo

Toycon: Miku from Eager Love Revenge Team
Team lead by me, thank you to all the lovely team mates! sakana as Miku, xrysx as Len, Hoshinoarashi as Rin, kanaunara as Kaito, noshuu as Meiko, sakurazaki as Luka, Ayatenshi as Gumi, Seras-V as Gackpoid and yuanie as Miki. I really love the rainbow colors~~
Got a loudhailer and accidentally cracked the sides, so eventually I go made bigger cracks exactly like Shirow Miwa's illustration. I will arrange a group photoshoot next yeah, please keep the first half of the year schedule free, team mates! 8D
Love Is War Team by ValeforHo

EOY2010: Beatrice Uniform from Umineko
Pair up with xrysx as Battler. I've been preparing costume, wig and accessories for Beato since 3 years ago, finally debut her~ (xrysx as her costume kept for almost 1 year, glad it didn't turn yellowish lol) Can say this is a trial cosplay for Beato and Battler, our main goal is the with/sorcerer version at Comic Fiesta.

Comic Fiesta Day 1: Miku from Himitsu ~ Kuro no Chikai
Himitsu-The Forbidden Love by ValeforHo
I skipped CF last year, only 2 months back I decide to go CF again. WAs cosplaying with xrysx as Rin and yuanie as Len. I feel so lucky to have both the twins at the same time. lol Thank you yuanie helping me to style the wig on the day, thou it was your first time styling wig, I think its really GJ! Thank you so much~ <3
Photoshoot was done in the event hotel area, I'm still waiting for ValeforHo to pass me photos. *grin*

Comic Fiesta Day 2: Beatrice from Umineko
Beatrice The Golden Witch by ValeforHo The Golden Witch by sakana
Made the gown within 1 week time with lack of sleep and help from xrysx. Its quite tiring to rush out the gown within such short time, but I'm really glad the effect turn out nice~ Thank you so much to ValeforHo and help from noshuu and yuanie making the glowing butterflies the day before event! Both days of Comic Fiesta we appeared quite late, 4-5pm as usual... XD;;;

Sorry if we didn't manage to meet any of you during event. But its a fun trip nevertheless. I think I'll need a short break for costume making, I really need recharge for playing more games, watching anime and read manga. >o<

  • Listening to: Umineko Kiri no Pithos OST
  • Watching: Katanagatari

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